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And the Rains Came

on 04/22/2012

Wohoooo! Yesterday and today, it rained! I was hoping and praying for rains to come, even for just a few minutes, just to relieve us of the heat from the summer sun. God is really good!!! :) He sent rains for two days, although it wasn’t that hard, but at least it gave us cool air and the breeze was so wonderful! Yipppeeee!

Yesterday, when hubby checked our reliable weather website, he was already looking at the possibility of rain. When he went to work, the sun was shining so bright and it was already in high temperatures, but as noon approached, the skies turned gray and thunder rolled and lightning brightened up the dark clouds. Then it rained… for a while, and the summer heat was temporarily gone! ┬áThankfully the gray and dark skies lasted till late in the afternoon, it was perfect for short naps. We were not able to go out and walk because it would rain occasionally. So we were just stuck in the house.

Today, the same scenario happened, it rained after lunchtime, and it was a hard one. It gave us cool breeze and the baby was awakened by the loud thunder and the raindrops falling on the rooftop!

Thank you God for the rain! :-)

One Response to “And the Rains Came”

  1. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    Summers seems to be the happiest moment of many people, but the problem we can;t argue with nature nowadays we are experiencing total heat, so sometimes we are praying that rain will come specially at night.

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