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Goofy Hubby

on 05/06/2012

Hubby is such a goofy person, he loves to joke around and he is just the life of a party. I was browsing through some of our pictures in Facebook and found this one goofy photo of hubby:

goofy hubby

This was at the E.A.T. Danao, an adventure park here in Bohol. We were waiting for our turn to ride the cable car, and the place where we were staying had a “band” and the players were all visually impaired. Since hubby was wearing sunglasses, he took one of the guitars and pretended to be blind! Hahahaha! :-)

Hubby really is so funny and he always makes me laugh and when he’s around, you can smile from ear to ear. Hubby starts a good conversation and he has this lines and “sayings” that makes everyone burst into laughter. Before when I used to bring our little boy to school, he would visit me there and when he does, all my other mommy friends would “swarm” him because when he’s around, there is always fun and laughter. But of course, hubby has a serious side. When he’s in a group of foreigners, he talks with so much sense and he really knows a lot. There is never that “dead air” in conversations with him. :-)

I am really blessed to have him as my hubby. There is no one like him, EVER! So why am I talking about my hubby in the first place, Father’s Day is still next month. Well, I just want to honor him in the way that I know, I want to thank God for giving him to me, and though we are in tough and trying times, he still cracks me up! It’s his birthday on Tuesday, so just bear with me… I JUST LOVE MY HUBBY SO DEARLY! :-)

A happy post for hubby for the 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

6 Responses to “Goofy Hubby”

  1. Gagay says:

    cool kaau si dokie te :)
    ..pero wa pa ko kaadto’g Danao :( hopefully, soon, makalaag nya ko! KUKK! *wishful thinking*

    ..hopping from BPC 127 :)
    Gagay recently posted..Me? 98% Ready for Marriage?

  2. Momi Pinx, Dr. Noy looks like one of the performers :-) I am sure you will never gets old becasue of the fun and laugh that he gives you :-) Dropping by from BPC
    Jessica Cassidy recently posted..Our wedding anniversary is coming

  3. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    Hi there Pinx, I think that this band who makes people laugh, is an excellent idea specially during vacation trips, for example while riding your own car there are people who keeps on telling jokes and sing a song for us not to get i right?

  4. emzkie says:

    your very lucky to have a hubby who has a lot of sense of humor mommy Pinx! akong bana sus intawon, seryus kaau sya. kung mu joke man, sarcastic kaau. har har har kaau ang iyang joke. dili ko kasabot. hahahaha. ginatuyukan lang nako ug mata. suko gud sya. lol.

  5. Rcel says:

    Hahaha! Siaw kaayo si Dok! I can imagine your happy days Pinx! Same thing here, si bana naku, kung di pa ni sya siaw, tiguwang na kaayo ko karon kay seryoso kaayo ko nga pagkatawo, lisud kaayo pakataw-on. :D I think it’s the reason why God blessed me with him aron ma-compensate ang serious days naku in the past with just happy ones. And guess what, ang Triz namo nagtubo nga liwat sa amahan, komedyante kaayo. I would always tell him nga si liwat si Triz sa iya but he would always insist nga Triz is even more siaw kay when he was 5 daw, he can’t remember being funny. :D

    BPC hop sa ko diri nga pina-late. Lol.
    Rcel recently posted..A Tommy Hilfiger Reward

  6. Bless says:

    Very komedyante jud ng imong hubby Mommy Pinx :-) Visiting for BPC!
    Bless recently posted..Marathon 5/5/12

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