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Party Games are a Hit

on 06/30/2012

During Baby Job’s birthday party, the clown we hired to host for the party games did very well in leading the kids to play and take part in the party games. There were a lot games that the kids all enjoyed and were excited to win the prizes. Even though they were just candies, lollipops and some toys, they were still very eager to join in the games.

Party games are always a hit among kids and I commend the host for doing a great job. Though a few kids were too shy to join, most of those that were present during Baby Job’s party all joined in the fun.

party games

Pabitin, one of the favorite party games!

Many children (moms and dads too) all waited for the pabitin. I don’t know, there is something with this game that attracts children. When the clown asked everyone to gather around the pabitin, the children were all so excited that they started jumping up and down reaching for the prizes hanging on the sticks. It was so fun to watch them grab and pull anything they can. Even the dads and moms helped their little ones to grab something.

Aside from this, the children at Baby Job’s party played Musical Chairs, The Boat is Sinking, Bring Me Game, Longest Breath, Shoot the Balloon and many more! The party was a blast and everyone had fun, enjoyed the food and the birthday celebrant was happy (even though he still had no idea what was happening around him, LOL). So thank you everyone for sharing with us your time in celebrating Baby Job’s first birthday! :-D

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  1. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    I remember my young age,when my parents conduct this children’s game,we use to have this pabitin during party’s such as birthday.chips, toys, candies are included in this. me and my friends really enjoy this.
    Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..חינוך ילדים

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