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Hooked to Sunglasses

on 07/07/2012

Ray-Ban 3025 sunglassesEver since I got hubby some new sunglasses, he has been hooked to using them. One time at the mall, he saw ray ban 3025 sunglasses and really liked it that he wanted so much to buy it. Thankfully, we did not bring extra money that time, so he was stuck to just fitting the glasses, hehehe. He just decided that he will buy the glasses when he has enough money. But he is thankful that he has new sunglasses from me.

He uses them all the time on his way to work and while he drives the motorcycle when he goes to the city. He used to have just a helmet when he drives but now, one of his favorite accessories is the sunglass. He never goes out of the house without them. Well, the glasses look good on him and since it is also hot these days, the glasses had been put to good use. Maybe if I get to save some from my earnings online, I will buy him that Ray-Ban sunglass at the mall. Oh, I almost forgot, I have to buy him some new pairs of pants and rubber shoes too. Well, hubby will have to wait till I get some bucks. But for now, I know he is happy with his glasses.

2 Responses to “Hooked to Sunglasses”

  1. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    This is really a perfect hobby, specially during summer almost all the people use their own sunglasses to protect their eyes from sunlight, dirt and etc.but honestly I am thinking that sometimes having this kind of protection is so much expensive so , I only prefer to use one.but anyway thanks for sharing this wonderful topic that is very important.
    Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..inforu

  2. Anyone who could look at this very nice Rayban collection shall be obviously hooked on it. I can’t deny that because this kind of sunglasses was irresistible. Your experience was very nice and i like it so much.
    Yvette Earlington recently posted..Men prefer to wear designer sunglasses

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