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Big Fat Dog

on 07/28/2012

At the resort where my brother and his family stayed for a night, there were lots of dogs. They were not stray dogs and they have owners. I have noticed that all the dogs that roam the beach were all fat and have big bodies, like this one:

big fat dog

Except for the dog that was in a makeshift cage, all the dogs there were really big bodied and they were surprisingly all friendly. They loved to be pat on their backs or head. This is probably so because of the many tourists or guests that check in the resorts that line the beach and that the dogs have already been so familiar with so many people.

Sharing this for the 210 Blog Photo Challenge.

8 Responses to “Big Fat Dog”

  1. In-in says:

    Maayo kay di hilantanon mommy unlike sa uban na dogs nga mangilog ug food. Well fed kaayo tan-awon ang doggie. BPC hopping!

  2. jheylo says:

    awww poor dog… humans need to diet, animals too hehehehe.

    thanks for joining 366 BPC
    jheylo recently posted..#210/366 Blog Photo Challenge – @ Jollibee

  3. yay! basta love tambok jud Momi Pinx :-) kahinumdum ko sa dagat sa CDO ang mga iro mag-away sa bukog ahak kaau a2 tiil maarsa jud ky basin mapaakan unya mi ni K :-( Dropping by from BPC.
    Jessica Cassidy recently posted..Meet my siblings

  4. Well, they are fed well or even too much. hehehehe… They are used to so many people already that’s why they all are tame and friendly. They probably expect people to feed them some food. hehehe… :) Visiting!

  5. Mel Cole says:

    that dog is one healthy looking one. they thrive well in a tourists place. hope you could stop by my #210 BPC:
    Mel Cole recently posted..Got his own jewelry shop

  6. jheylo says:

    visiting back from BPC

    poor dog, you need to eat healhty :D
    jheylo recently posted..It Can Still be Heard

  7. Bless says:

    Good thing the dogs were friendly at di pasaway :-)

    Visiting for BPC!
    Bless recently posted..House Design

  8. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    Hello there I think that the owner take good care of their pet that is why it is fat, sometimes some dogs are friendly.
    Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..צריכה

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