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Pick-Up Lines

on 08/01/2012

It has been trending nowadays, thanks to several matinee idols and young heartthrobs, pick up lines have become so popular among teens and even in politics.

I saw this graffiti in one of the park benches here in our plaza.

pick up lines

It’s amazing how teenagers of today can create pick up lines such as these. When I was in my teens, this was not the trend, social media networks were non-existent! We only knew of sending love letters and signing autographs and stuff like that. Talk about old school, lol!

This park bench is literally littered with graffiti done by high school students from a nearby private high school. I guess their school has to have a freedom wall where the students can express and write what they want, and not on public properties.

So, do you any know pick up lines?? Sharing this for the 214 Blog Photo Challenge.

13 Responses to “Pick-Up Lines”

  1. Lulu says:


    i agree with you that freedom wall will be great.

    thank you for joining!
    Lulu recently posted..Camping 101

  2. hehehe.. that’s funny! It is sad though where young kids don’t pay much attention or care about vandalism on places like this. I guess they do need a big oh wall for themselves to write freely and not vandalize other properties. hehehe… visiting mommy!
    Adin Blankenship recently posted..For Under $30

  3. Leah H. says:

    Mao gyud mga hi-tech na kau mga kabata-an karon while sa una perti technology dili pa ingon ani ka hi-tech..

    Visiting from 214/366 bpc- hope you can stop by..

  4. hehehehe so funny indeed! and too cute but that is vandalism which is not good :-( Dropping by from BPC.
    Jessica Cassidy recently posted..A dinosaur poster at the doctor’s wall

  5. rocky says:

    hi, visiting from 214/ 366 BPC :))

  6. rocky says:

    hi, visiting from 214/ 366 BPC :)
    rocky recently posted..Dating in the most convenient way

  7. anygen says:

    some kind of romatic wall? hahaha… Love reading this cute stuffs… remembering my HS

  8. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    Honestly nowadays we almost hear this kinds of word, I mean the pick-up lines , not only the celebrity and children are using this even the people in the politics such as Senator Miriam Santiago.
    Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..Singapore mortgage

  9. emzkie says:

    hahahaha that is so funny. nakatawa ko sa last na weeehh hahaha. i find this pick up lines so funny and at the same time cute. but i dont think this will work for me kay murag ga bola bola ra. hahaha

    from BPC 214, hope u can drop by my late entry
    emzkie recently posted..Clayton and his New Cereal Box

  10. Bless says:

    Very cute and funny pick-up line :-)

    Visiting for BPC!
    Bless recently posted..Breakfast Prepared by Hubby

  11. raya says:

    i know, those pick up lines are so funny! here for bpc pinx.. sorry late kaayo ko ka return sa visit! :)
    raya recently posted..Grandpa’s Pool!

  12. Mike says:

    I don’t understand it, but i’ll have my wife translate it for me

    visiting back from PBC
    Mike recently posted..Giant donut sweetens Imperial Beach

  13. Mel Cole says:

    I so can relate. When I was in high school, we have to exchange autography, scrapbooking and stuff like that. never pa yung celphones and twitting2x. my #214 BPC at:
    Mel Cole recently posted..Autumn Decor Ideas

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