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Picture Fun

on 08/06/2012

The church in our town is undergoing a face lift. A few days ago, we went out to see what’s going on. Since I brought with me my cam, hubby told me to take  photos. He then directed me to do this:

picture fun

The church in the photo looks like it’s leaning.

I don’t know, there must be something, every time I take a photo of this church in our town, it always looks like it’s leaning. And hubby said that he has finally touched the fingers up there… hehehe… :-)

Sharing this for the 219 Blog Photo Challenge.

7 Responses to “Picture Fun”

  1. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    Looking at this great photos let me think that that church is like a toy, but I have to admit I really love it.
    Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..חינוך ילדים

  2. Lulu says:

    oy church renovation diay si fr. leonel. I have never been to that church but once and that was during my college years. thank you for joining mami pinx
    Lulu recently posted..Music Festivals

  3. that is so cool Momi Pinx :-) Dr. Noy indeed is a funny and creative husband of yours :-) Returning from BPC.
    Jessica Cassidy recently posted..My kids love music

  4. Dhemz says:

    wow, how cool! that is too cute mamiPinx…nice!
    Dhemz recently posted..Lami Beef Loaf

  5. Bless says:

    Very cool Mommy :-) Murag miniature church.

    Visiting for BPC!
    Bless recently posted..How Scrap Platinum can be used to make Jewelry

  6. emzkie says:

    it really does look like its leaning. hehe..maybe its your angle mommy Pinx pagmag kuha ka ug picture, maybe u are in the same spot. imong bana ba siaw dyud kaau sya. hehe

    from BPC 219

  7. Mel Cole says:

    joker kaayo ka ug bana mommy hehehe nice idea to do though. most photographers do that these days. nice shot too. no need of photoshop. :) 366 bpc visit here, my #219 blog photo challenge at:
    Mel Cole recently posted..Famous Footwear Back-to-school BOGO Promo

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