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How to Deal With Incontinence in Elderly

on 08/17/2012

Incontinence is one of the most common problems or disorders that senior people experience and encounter, though this is not the most-talked about problem, but many suffer from this. Incontinence in elderly men is caused by the enlargement of their prostate gland, stroke, diabetes and others; while in elderly women, several factors cause incontinence like obesity, urinary tract infection, stroke, diabetes and others. When the elderly experiences incontinence, it may be very difficult for them to go on with their daily living activities. It may be a hassle for some especially if they are outside their homes like when they are in a doctor’s appointment or for medical check-up. It can really be a hindrance. For family members who are caring for the elderly, dealing with incontinence could also mean extra work or chore. For the senior, the embarrassment brought about by accidentally peeing can be very emotionally devastating. It is also not the most talked about problem so buying incontinence supplies maybe an awkward matter. But thanks to technology, buying these supplies online can now be done. One can purchase adult diapers at where they offer a wide range of incontinence supplies and delivered right at their doorstep.

The use of adult diapers has greatly reduced and lessened the effects of incontinence. For the senior, embarrassment can now be avoided and they are protected from their accidental peeing. Adult diapers have also evolved as they come in different sizes, hard-to-detect, thin and have become more comfortable underwear and a great solution to the dilemma of incontinence.

adult diapers

So if you know someone or have someone in your family that suffers from incontinence, don’t hesitate now. Take off the hassle, order your supplies at the Parentgiving Store.

12 Responses to “How to Deal With Incontinence in Elderly”

  1. Genny says:

    Maybe one day we can use that for hubby or myself hehehe.
    Genny recently posted..Comment on 7k Fan Celebration Giveaway by free ebooks for kindle download

  2. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    These are really a common problems of our grand parents or the senior,sometimes we can;t avoid this specially when time come that infection of their urinary track cannot be healed easily, in the place where I use to live all I know is this brand Doctor P.
    Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..הרב לייטמן

  3. Marky says:

    My grandmother suffered from incontinence as well, it’s pretty much common to their age. Good thing we can handle this now with adult diapers.
    Marky recently posted..Customizing WordPress Theme

  4. zoan says:

    thanks for sharing, my mom and aunts are buying diapers in bulk for my Grandmother, we don’t know that we can order this online, maybe my aunt will be delighted to know that she can order this online:)
    zoan recently posted..Motivating Kids to Study More

  5. haze says:

    Its a sad fact but we all get there in the end. I hope by that time I can afford a personal nurse in case my kids refused to look after me. And bulk diapers would be a great savings.
    haze recently posted..Her bedrooms

  6. Mel C. says:

    those disposable diapers always come in handy for the urinary incontinence on our lola and lolos.
    Mel C. recently posted..4 Easy Tips for Home Decor Being Thrifty

  7. jheylo says:

    you know what reminds of this this product? an argument about the word adult diaper. A lady who works in a geriatric facility was insulted by that word and she was furious about people who call this product as “adult diaper” because according to her, you wont see that words labeled in any of protecting pants out there. She even said that that is disrespectful to all elderly because they don’t wear diaper, instead they wear protective pants.
    jheylo recently posted..A sweet massage from hubby

  8. Shela says:

    Yes i agree with all, we have an 89 year old grandma and it help us alot during at night we don’t need to get her up to go potty :)
    Shela recently posted..Meet Merloquet!

  9. Bless says:

    When I was working in nursing home before, we use this for our incontinent patients.
    Bless recently posted..My First Animal-Print Shoes

  10. sir rob says:

    You got me in there for I thought this was kindda of a medical post but when I saw the image, it just made my night smiling with it. lol
    sir rob recently posted..The Health Effect of Online Shopping

  11. This is what worries me coz my Mom is far from me :-( I want to take care of her while she is losing her memory :-) How I wish that it is also available in the Philippines?
    Jessica Cassidy recently posted..Is this tree changing its leaves color already?

  12. emzkie says:

    my mom in law has this. she wears a diaper all the time specially if she goes out. =)
    emzkie recently posted..Snack :Combos Cheddar Cheese Craker

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