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Locust or Grasshopper?

on 08/17/2012

Do you remember the plagues that hit Egypt before Christ? One of them was the plague of the locusts. In Exodus 10: 1-15, God used Moses to send out for the locusts to come upon the land of Egypt and eat every herb and the fruits of the trees through all the land. Pharaoh refused to humble himself to God and to let his people go, so God showed him signs that Pharaoh may know that He is the Lord God.

The other day, we saw a locust (or probably a grasshopper). But this was bigger than a grasshopper and stayed on the leaves of our neighbor’s plants.


A locust or a grasshopper?

It was already starting to nibble on the leaves and it did not even hop when I came near it to take a photo. Hubby said that it’s a locust and I also would like to believe that it is. It was really big, about almost two inches and it was fat! I remember too, it gobbled up all the leaves of my lemon tree. :-(

The little boys were not afraid when they saw it, Baby Job even wanted to hold it. I’m glad it stayed there on the leaf when I clicked my cam. I guess it wanted to have his own photo… hehehe. :-)

How about you? What do you think this is? A locust or a grasshopper?

Sharing this for the 230 Blog Photo Challenge.

7 Responses to “Locust or Grasshopper?”

  1. Lulu says:

    mami maybe it is a GIANT grasshopper hehehe
    Lulu recently posted..The Fairy Came

  2. that is one pretty grasshopper Momi Pinx and not even shy for you to take a picture of him :-) beautiful shot too :-) Dropping by from BPC.
    Jessica Cassidy recently posted..My little girl’s version of Beggin’ on your Knees by Victoria Justice

  3. emzkie says:

    aw.. thats a cute grasshopper. i bet little job was so curious with this little critter

    visiting from BPC 230
    emzkie recently posted..Snack :Combos Cheddar Cheese Craker

  4. Bless says:

    I think it’s a grasshopper. I remember when I was young we used to catch grasshopper in the prairie :-)
    Bless recently posted..Giving Back to Our Parents

  5. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    The photo that you have shared is so much impressive to be honest I tried capturing this insect using my phone but they are sensitive to light that is why the jump quickly.I still remember the story in the bible when the time comes that this insects are plague, locust swarm.
    Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..mistral

  6. jheylo says:

    cute critters right there :) you got the right focus and i love the shot :)

    visiting back from BPC
    jheylo recently posted..A sweet massage from hubby

  7. Dhemz says:

    ayay, pa picture una sya daan mami before hopping away….hehhee…ka lingaw sa duha ka bugoy.

    bpc hop pod ko!
    Dhemz recently posted..Review | Candy Galaxy

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