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Painting Game

on 08/22/2012

I downloaded an app from the App Store called Paint Sparkle. I purposely did this to help my school boy in his drawing skills. Yes, he loves to draw a lot and so I want to enhance his skill/talent using the app.

My decision was right because after he plays his favorite game in the iPad, he would spend most of his time drawing and painting. The painting game has really made his mind working and his creative thinking juiced up. Here’s one painting my son did with the app:

painting game

Can you figure out what my 5-year old son drew?

He said this is the side view of a waterfall and with the clarity of his painting/drawing, I think you can easily tell that this is a waterfall. I was really amazed at how he creatively used and explored the painting game.

I am glad that in a way, I have helped him discover his skill through the painting game/app. I honestly do not have the artistic talent and the when it comes to visual, I am very poor at that. I bet my son got this talent from his uncles who are engineers, hehehe. :-)

I hope Kuya Bogs will be able to make good use of this talent in the future and that through this he will become successful when he grows up.

Sharing this for the 235 Blog Photo Challenge.

5 Responses to “Painting Game”

  1. emzkie says:

    very good application mommy Pinx! kids and technology today. this is the advantage of it. dili na sya mag drawing cguro sa wall ani. hehehehe. beautiful photo! naa dyud talent. =)

  2. emzkie says:

    from BPC 235 diay…nahibilin
    emzkie recently posted..Sketchers Lite Waves : Shoe Dept.

  3. Lulu says:

    that’s nice app mami. I downloaded the basic math nga app… andrea is learning her addition and substraction now. thanks to the ipad!
    Lulu recently posted..Energy Efficient Home Construction

  4. awww! Kuya Bogs is very talented Momi Pinx, that is one amazing app :-) Dropping by from BPC
    Jessica Cassidy recently posted..What a crunchy and delicious giveaway snacks prize

  5. Bless says:

    That is a good app Mommy coz it can develop his drawing skills. I like it and he’s doing a great work!
    Bless recently posted..Picnic at Church After Service

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