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I Need a New Phone

After a year, my phone needs a replacement (I guess). It’s been giving me headaches in the past couple of weeks and I am getting a hard time contacting hubby and my friends. I am afraid that if I am in an emergency situation (God forbid!), I can’t get help immediately because my phone, my lifeline is not working. I am thinking that if I still have this phone, I won’t get the much needed help immediately. That would totally be so not nice, right?

I really need a new phone, but with the little savings I have, it is not enough yet, I still have other bills to pay and if I get a new phone, I would have to pay a little more than what I am paying now. But what’s good is that I have a new phone and I won’t worry anymore. I plan to get the new iPhone 5c as I am already familiar with how it works since hubby has the iPhone 5. I just hope that I can get it one of these days. A little more savings and maybe I can get myself a new phone and then I don’t have to be worried of so many things.

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Super Slow!

I tried to use my old netbook today and oh my, I feel like I will lose all my patience with it! It is super slow! I wonder how I survived all those three years (or maybe two) using it! Yes, it was my beloved companion, through rough and happy times, online and offline, and I cherish all the moments I have used it, but now that I have new laptops with higher memories and fast drives and bigger disk space, I find the 1GB ACER netbook really slow. :(

But still I am very grateful for the service that it has rendered to me, I am thankful to my younger brother who has given it to me too. I would have no “online career” if I were not given that netbook. For almost four years, the 1GB netbook has been loaded with probably a thousand pictures of my family, my little boys and so much more. It has been a witness to births, deaths, anniversaries, birthdays, christenings, to outings, reunions and so many others. It did serve me well and I don’t have plans of selling it on eBay as suggested by my younger brother.

So anyway, in the past month since I bought a new laptop and just three weeks ago, receiving a new laptop for free, I have been used to their super fast functionalities like how some keys and the touchpad work, bigger buttons, and stuff like that. But using the netbook again even for just a few minutes was let’s say not so nice at all. Boot up took about 5 minutes, opening the Word file was also about 5 minutes, then opening up Google was worse, more than 5 minutes! I know, there’s only a few gigabytes left on the netbook’s memory thus the “slow motion” and I can only blame myself for it. So will I ever use it again? Yes, of course! It has MS Office in it while my ASUS doesn’t have. I haven’t tried using Google Drive in the Chromebook and so I will have to use for MS Office purposes until I can have MS Office installed in my new laptop.

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Super Sensitive

The touch pad of my new laptop is so super sensitive and it’s really annoying!! Because I did not buy a mouse for my laptop, I have to use the touch pad and I find it a little slippery plus when I try to put it to the scroll down arrow, it just goes its own way as if it has a mind of its own. So instead of me scrolling down a page, it opens the desktop or another page!

Like when I scroll down my newsfeed in Facebook, I end up scrolling the desktop or any other page and I hate it. So it does not make me finish my tasks on the dot because it keeps going to another window or tab. But anyhow, it is the only thing that I don’t like about my new laptop, I think I just need to have a new mouse so that I can precisely point it to the scroll down button or to any point in the monitor. The new laptop is actually really good, I did not have problems with it when I first used it and till now that it’s going to be a month old, I still did not find any reason for me to bring it to the shop for anything.

Oh well, I guess I will have to buy a new mouse for this. I just have to save a little bit for that. Other than the super sensitive touch pad, there’s not so much to complain about my new laptop. Hopefully this will also last as long as my 1GB netbook. ;-) Looking forward to years of spending with this new baby!

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